Have you completed a four year college program?

Asked by: blackkid
  • I have two!

    I work in education. I worked in various field prior to entering the education field. During that time I earned two separate undergraduate degrees. In order to serve in my current capacity, a masters degree was required. I went back to school, and did so with a 3.9 average. The money I paid for my degrees has been more than worthwhile. They allow me to work in a rewarding career field, and increased my earning potential by 300%.

  • I am too lazy:

    I will die in the gutters of 'murica earning a living under the thumb of "The Man". I used to go, I used to be the head of my class, but then suddenly I realized college is an economic pit filled with governmental vipers and I quit promptly to avoid incurring more expenses.

    What was your major?

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