• Bullying also happens to Adults by other Adults

    About 5 years ago, I met a single celebrity who showed me more attention than some of his Fans, those fans began denigrating me online, and then writing his managers making complaints, everything they accused me of, they were in fact doing to me. An example, being this celeb had a website with profiles and forums. On the main page, there was a "recent post" box. So I would start a forum post, then they would have to make 5 post and blow me off the main recent post box, so he wouldnt see my post just theirs. They said I was harassing them. But truth was they were harassing me, and the proof was in that old website of Tygert's. I never posted on the forums they started but they always posted on mine, usually some insulting subtle dig. Then they even got me banned off of his website, by flagging all my comments. Then there was the name-calling and trolling. Calling me, crazy, calling me a B, etc... A couple of times, I was actually threatened. I was 42 when they started harassing me and when I met him, him and I hit it off instantly. These women were jealous I had his attention and were in their 30's and 40's. To this day I have no idea what was said to his managers. I wish I did know, then I'd know if there is something salvadgeable. But whatever it was, was enough to end our friendship. Which is really sad to me, because I really liked him and wanted to date him. Even adults can bully, it isnt just a kid thing. How can adults teach kids to not bully when they theirselves do it? Kids are only following their example.

  • I Have Been Bullied

    Yes, I have been bullied by someone when I was a young child. It made me feel hated and useless, and I am sorry to say that it, in turn, caused me to bully some children smaller than myself in order to try to gain back my feelings of worth.

  • Yes, everyone has.

    Bullying occurs in every school and many work places across the nation. Aggressive put-downs and words that demean another person are both forms of bullying, and this is becoming a very large problem, especially in schools. The children in these situations very rarely feel that there is anything that they can do to change it, since going to teachers very rarely gets a result and defending themselves gets them expelled or suspended along with the bully. When there is no solution available, they just duck their head and deal with it.

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