• The touch from one of God's Angels is nothing less than Infinity

    I was standing in a hotel room in front of the t.v. and the walkway between two queen bed's. I was facing the door when my inner ear started humming, the vibrations became more intense until my head seemed to hum with an energy that took my breath away and when the harmonizing of different frequentcies finally maxed out and became to much to bare. Forcing me to take mybonly deep breath, it sounded the exact same as the buzzing of a large bumble bee as it flew from my inner ear into my middle ear and through my outer. Its energy and vibration bursting into the room and shaking the hotel with its landing into the physical world. A bright yellow orb zipped through the room, acting and sounding exactly like a bee with a purpose. When it moved, the light streaks it left behind where ultra white and quickly faded with a subtle violet or green hue. A moment of stillness gave me the gift to really look at it, allowing me to see its vibrating center that pulsed between a neon royal red and a glowing scarlet orange. Every few moments a simple, pleasant white sparkle would silently flash a around it and glowing rich yellow seemed to pop then ooze like lava from the orb only melting like liquid gold. When the orb flew at me, my center chakra rippled, shrunk and immobilized me as I lost control and doubled over, only to reach out and have my hand forever stamped with the imprint of feeling another's hands press flat against my own. Holding my arm in front of me as it pressed against the Angel's hand, my body was half way standing and falling, balancing with mid air. I let my arm mussels relax and instead of buckling onto the floor face first, I was blown back with enough energy to stand tall and secure. The magic that radiated from my reborn core chakra filled the room with so much power, I didn't have to breath for the entire four minute experience. I was given answers, tasks and proof of God that night and I will always cherish the memory of being the light.

  • My hand was supported by an angel when starting my patients IV on 3 separate occasions

    I prayed to myself for help in starting patients iV sites-each of the 3 separate occasions I felt the support and guide by a guardian angel. I could have had my eyes closed and I still would have got it. I am an RN. As soon as I had the IV site, the guardian angel support was gone. We are not alone on this earth. Have faith in God.

  • It attacked my mind.

    There I was driving a robot (long story), when this massive thing appeared at a high altitude. I took this massive spear and tried to impale it. It then tried to take over my ride and started ripping my mind to shreds. I got bailed out at some point, but it was pretty horrible.

  • Yes I do believe so.

    I was like 5 years old and this old man picked me up after school, he told me he was an angel and so started touching me. I didn't know angels were so hands on, he kept telling me he loved me and how I should kneel down and pray to Jesus while chewing on an old sausage for good luck.

  • It was so Beautiful

    First question is: do you believe in angels?
    I believe in them and i believe that they are real. I have once been touched by an angel. One time i was very sick and there was an angel when I sleep and something just came to me and it was an angel they said to don't lose yourself and I said okay and i woke up and the doctors said she will be fine. You can take her home tomorrow.!

  • Of course not.

    In order to have been touched by an "angel," such a being would have to exist. There is no evidence that any such things exist or have ever existed.

    However, speaking metaphorically, I have experienced the kind of emotional response that I imagine people are trying to describe when they use a phrase like "touched by an angel." I just don't choose to attribute it to nonexistent beings.

  • Are you joking?

    Angels do not exist. If you saw an angel while you were sick, it was most likely a result of a fever induced hallucination. I am sorry to people who look to angels for help, but the only people who can help you are yourself and your loved ones. Toughen up and focus on reality.

  • Is this a joke?

    Angels do not exist so it is theoretically impossible to have been touched by an angel. Unless this implies a metaphorical definition of the word angel, I can not say YES to the question at all.
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PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-05-04T00:18:52.593
Yes, I was touched by an angel, and guess what... It did no no things to me... (mocking).