Have you ever changed your position based on a DDO debate?

  • Yes, I have.

    Yes I have changed my opinion on a topic. I have not entirely switched to another side before but I almost have done that. I have gained insight into the other side, and that has made me much more educated on the topic. I have changed my mind on so many things about certain topics, though I have never fully switched to the opposing side.

  • Not exactly, but...

    I have not fully changed my side on an opinion, but I have gotten more insight on the other side of the debate, especially the side I do not agree with. That is why I love this site. I enjoy seeing the new points I never though of supporting what I believe in, as well as the opposite sides contentions.

  • For good reasons.

    I don't take a side based on what other people believe. I form my own opinion based on the facts from both sides.
    Because I know both sides, I have a good idea of what others will or may say and know how to defeat it because I have defeated it before against myself.
    I only comment on an issue if I am very much on one side of it. I don't comment if I am just leaning one way.

    I sometimes oppose a side I am on, but only if the person give a bad, or faulty argument.
    Example: I am an atheist but I sometime go against other atheists who make ignorant comments about religion(s).

  • No, Not Yet

    My position on a topic has yet to change due to a debate.
    Great question!
    To be fair, I have only been on this site for three days.
    I have certainly become more informed, and I am enjoying the challenges.
    I was tempted to go under the 'yes' column, but so far I have technically not changed my position.

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