Have You Ever Get Stuck With Your Assignment Writing Task??

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  • Who said that writing is easy?

    There is no way to obtain such great writing skills without gargantuan and endless efforts. When young, I used to believe that writing was a piece of cake. But, when entered a high school, I was frustrated once I got a D minus in my first writing assignment. Without second thought, I asked to my teacher why I had to get such a stinky grade. She answered me that word choice was one of my weakest points. Since then, I began to memorize TOEFL vocabularies and various professional expressions. For example, if your writing's topic is about business, you should pick out vocabularies and expressions that are related to business. Also, since that day, I have tried to stop using informal words. Several months later, I received -B in an English lecture, which was my turning point that I became confident of writing assignments. So, my point is that if you want to improve your writing skills, you have to memorize a lot of professional expressions and vocabularies and to avoid informal or slang words.

  • The Writer's Block

    When I was high school, I visited my English teacher after school because I just had the worst writer's block. I simply just did not know what to write. When I told him about my situation, he just looked at me and said, "There's no such thing as writer's block. You just have to sit down and start writing, even if it's just pure garbage. Just keep writing." That advice changed the way I approach essays. The "writer's block" is just a feeling you get when writing an essay and the best way to get through it is simply powering through. Write your way out of the struggle. By all means, it's not suppose to be perfect, but that's why you edit in the first place. So my advice to you is to sit down and start writing. Afterwards, edit away. Then approach your professors/teachers, classmates or any other resources you have to help you edit. Anyway, good luck.

  • My experience is really bad with assignment writing work.

    What will you going to do If you ever get stuck with your assignments on last moment??

    Choose one option and help others for the guidance:
    A. Ask Your Teachers For Help
    B. Ask Your Fellows For Help
    C. Ask Your Seniors For Help
    D. Ask Professional Writing Services


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