Have you ever got into trouble because of swearing?

  • Obviously! Who hasn't?

    Who hasn't? Honestly, How could you not have got in trouble for saying bad words or cussing? Everyone does it when they slip up, It's pointless to try to deny it. Even if you have never sworn, You might be bottling it up, Which isn't good for you.
    But swearing is sometimes not the best option.
    So people tell you off for it

  • No, I haven't

    Swearing between friends. When we hang out together or chat online with each other, We often use foul language. It is okay with us, We are still pleased with it and have fun stories. And I have never got trouble because of swearing. That is my supporting argument for this answer.

  • I have never gotten into to trouble inheritaly from swearing

    Granted there were times that I would get into trouble from swearing when I was younger. The only time I got in trouble where swearing was involved was badmouthing someone else. Not inherently because I swore. As I have gotten older and matured my parents inper ticular have accepted that teenage boys swear. Although I would still get introuble for bad mouthing people it is not connected to me swearing. Although my parents accept that I will swear they have made it very clear where the line is. For example they will not accept a C***-bomb.

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