Have you ever met ANYONE who actually UNDERSTOOD the gun control law.

Asked by: uahshdyy
  • I think we should at least control.

    Trying to control it though will make it worse, more criminals will want to commit acts of crime due to the incompetent choices of liberals like Barack Obama who just slowly keep gripping their hands around the American people. My father spent time in prison studying the law and I bet you he knows all of the rights we Americans have. We the people are technically the militia and we should be allowed to have our own firearms. Like I said at the beginning of my entry, Controlling it will make things worse, more criminally insane groups might gain power, like the mob.

    My point is that I have indeed met people who have actually understood the Gun laws better than any person I know.

  • People on this site have a serious ego

    Stop being a bunch of elitists. Yea, there are people ive met who have more of an understandingg and less of an understanding. Assuming youre the only magical educated and intellegent being in the general public who understands it is ridiculous. And having a different point of view does not mean someone doesnt understand the issue. Often with the extreme views ot does, but within the realm a accuracy their can be a lot of nuanced variety.

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