• I have misplaced a valuable.

    I have misplaced a valuable. We all lose something at some point in life that we would like to see returned. I remember losing a very expensive ring at some point in my life and I never did find it. Even after extensive searching, it is still misplaced. I think that happens to everyone.

  • Yes, we all occasionally lose things.

    We all occasionally lose things, especially in our own homes, so I have definitely misplaced valuables. But if going out of the house with a valuable, it's very helpful to take note of everything you are leaving with. Repeat it in your head, look at it, and really take it in. Then, when you are ready to leave and go back home, you'll be more mindful of what you originally took along with you.

  • Yes, and it makes me crazy.

    Of course we've all misplaced something valuable, but often it is not valuable because of the money it cost. Anybody who has lost a wallet that had no money but valuable license and credit cards knows this. It can make you crazy, so a deep breath helps clear the mind and lead you to its spot.

  • I've lost thiings.

    Everyone has probably misplaced a valuable. When I was a little kid my dad got me a wallet and a swiss army pocket knife. He put a few dollars into the wallet and told me to take care of it. I lost it pretty soon after that, and I'm still upset about it.

  • I have misplaced a valuable.

    I have misplaced a valuable. I am notorious at losing things and constantly find myself looking for ordinary items everyday. I have misplaced something valuable to me and finally given up looking for the item. It is really irritating and causes you to lose a lot of time looking for something that you knew you had in the first place.

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