Have you ever participated in the torture of a prisoner of war?

Asked by: The_Serb
  • Yes I have, and I don't regret it.

    I tortured several young Muslim men, during the war in the Balkans.

    It was quite normal then, all my friends would tell you, that I was justified in doing so.
    Many of those, I tortured, were bad people, who had themselves used torture against Serbs.

    Even if you haven't been to war, do you think, you could be capable of such an act?

  • Yes, but wasn't proud of it.

    There is nothing glorious about war, about killing someone else...Even in defense. There is no honor in "I survived but he died". It simply becomes a matter of how much one is willing to (Not "Can") endure before previously unacceptable means to an end become viable options. Standing guard at a gate one evening, I was alerted by the roof lookouts that a mob of civilians were running down the street towards our security checkpoint. To make a long, long story shorter, they rushed our gate but the impression of danger was soon replaced with horror at the sight of almost all the adults carrying children who were mortally wounded. Severed limbs, deep lacerations to the torso, burn and scorch marks covering their bodies and covered with small perforations of the skin from head to toe...Those who still had feet with toes on them.

    The culprits? Men from the other side of town who happen to have a slightly different belief than those who brought us their children screaming for help. The attacks came from Men who's God was the exact same God as those who brought us the victims of the mortar attack on a children's soccer field...There were just slight variations in the historical accounts. So did I take part in torture to find the one's responsible for the attack...I did. Did I feel bad...No. When questioning myself as to why I didn't resent myself for it, I simply came up with the answer that Men who murder children have no right to humane treatment. Who am I to make the decision that their life worth less than any other Human??? Answer: I'm the one who decided to do something about it instead of sitting around talking about how much I disagree with it.

  • Yes indeed. It is necessary.

    I needed the information, and he was withholding it. It was absolutely imperative that I had the plans to break into the city fortress of Mathen. Had I not had those plans given to me by that person I tortured, thousands on both armies would have died. Torturing for no purpose other then to exact revenge is meaningless.

    -All fantasy references made above are original creations by this user.

  • I would have no choice

    See in the case of Anglia and Denmark it's pure imperialism, since their historical empires are not enough, so I say the Arabs should file suit against those countries, but, the USA, a country devoted to protecting the welfare of all their citizens, we have no choice. If they're withholding information from us, how are we gonna get out. Tough times call for harsh measures. I hate torture, but sometimes that's only choice we have

  • Nope, Torturing is way beyond my comfort zone.

    Also bringing suffering to other people is not our call to make no matter how big their crime. And by torturing criminals, you become a criminal yourself. And also only sociopaths can commit such acts without feeling guilt and sometimes even try to feel proud of it.
    I personally never can do such an act.

  • Never would even dream about

    No i havnt and i would never dream about it, no one diserves that. Even if they are holding a peice of important information you are holding. Tourturing is calssed as murder i my eyes. It can lead to death. No one diserves death or toutrure. Nobody is perfect and everyone diserves a second chance

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Wouldn't this be a poll, not an opinion? If the question was "Is it right to..." then it would be under opinion.