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  • I have not.

    I have never seen a Shirley Temple movie. I am only 24, so she was way before my time. Sure, I know her movies, but I have never really sat down and watched a movie of hers. I really would prefer to watch a movie in color as well as i need to make up and watch to cult classic from the 80's and 70's.

  • No, I have never seen a Shirley Temple movie.

    There is not much room for debate on this topic, but I will use this space to talk about why Shirley Temple movies are not as popular now as they once were. The height of her fame was during the Great Depression. People would see her movies (which often had a rags to riches theme) and escape from reality for a few hours. It is harder for today's audiences to identify with the sort of poverty seen in her movies. Couple these difficult themes with the much lower quality of the video and audio (due to inferior technologies), and you can see what most children would rather watch Toy Story than Curly Top.

  • I have never seen a Shirley Temple movie.

    I have never seen a Shirley Temple movie. I have scene segments of her films where she was acting as a 3 year old child. Her performance at that age included the song on a good ship lollipop, and animal crackers in my soup. She was also known for her curly blonde hair.

  • No, I Haven't

    I have never watched a full Shirley Temple movie. I have seen multiple clips and outtakes of her work, but never an entire film. I would say this is probably typical since I wasn't born during her time of popularity, but rather missed it by close to a decade. I know of her and she is recognizable name.

  • No, I haven's seen a Shirley Temple movie.

    I have never watched a Shirley Temple movie. I just do not see the need to watch a movie starring her. I have see a few clips of her movies here and there and have listened to some of the music. But overall, I do not have any interest in watching her movies.

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