Have you ever seen an actual abortion? Please state what you felt/thought at that moment.

Asked by: Rafe
  • I think so yeah

    I think i saw an abortion once. I'm not a medical person so its kinda strange. I was walking through the city one night going to my boyfriend's house when i passed a park. It was in the rough part of town that gets no funding as everyones black and don't have a majority in the city council. So anyway, i was walking past and i saw these two white girls walking across the road at like 1am with blood right the way upto their elbows! It was really scary first! So i just kept on walking. I never found out what happened, was probably a labour party...

  • This is moronic.

    Look, you shouldn't be making decisions based purely on emotions. The way to truly make a moralistic decision is to decide based on the overall happiness gain or loss of everyone on this globe, based on statistics and facts. I can say whether or not something is right or wrong based on measuring collective happiness. Abortion is an issue, where emotions run high, and people who were previously on the side of other socially left beliefs, become centrists and conservative when faced with this issue.

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kawaii_crazy says2013-09-26T23:16:15.783
I feel bad for anyone who was traumatized by watching an abortion!