• Everything is made fresh !!

    Everything at Hoehns is made fresh every day. The bakers wake up at 2 am every morning to prepare you with tasty sweets and they work hard. Yes it is an odd environment but that makes every trip there worth while. O love my Hoehns run and if you go every week they will learn you by name and what you like just like your apart of there family :)

  • It is good to have a try!

    It seems it is a good place to buy freshly baked bread and cookies. It has a long history and it is run by a family. It always gives you warmth and it is always wonderful to taste the unique flavor of home from a one-of-a-kind bakery store. Therefore, I would love to go and try.

  • Where is Hoehn's Bakery?

    The debate question is: Have you ever visited Hoehn's Bakery? I have never visited Hoehn's bakery. To be quite honest, I have never heard of Hoehn's Bakery and I don't know where Hoehn's Bakery is located, let alone ever visited Hoehn's Bakery. Where is it located? What do they sell?

  • I have not visited a Hoehn's Bakery.

    I have the opinion that I do not ever remember visiting a Hoehn's bakery. There is a slight chance that I might have visited one in the past but just have not remembered the name of the bakery specifically. If it had stuck in my mind, I'm sure I would have remembered the name and answered yes to this question.

  • never heard about it

    I am a big fan of bakeries and like to open new places, but unfortunately I have never heard about this place, According to reviews on yelp and other websites it looks really good. So many people can't be wrong, so I hope to visit it one day and try everything.

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