• It is pretty funny.

    They may be "classless" and "exploitative", but that's what makes it amazing. Bumfights is a work of art, and everyone should watch all four of the movies. The first one is the only one produced by the teenagers. All of the other films where created by some investors of indecline films.

  • I have not

    No, I have never watched any of these films. I would watch one if I ever had the chance though, because they sound like interesting films, and I am always open to trying a new film out. It would be neat to see the teens and homeless fighting each other.

  • I have not, nor will I ever

    Bumfights has to be a competitor for the lowest point modern culture has hit. In a world filled with endless, positive entertainment, people still have to watch such a demeaning thing as "Bumfights." It's horrifying. I have no plan on ever watching this garbage, and I will have serious doubts about the integrity of anybody who watches it.

  • I have never watched this film

    No, I have not had the pleasure of watching the Bumfights film. I have heard that it would be worth watch. It i a very popular film that has been noticed on facebook and youtube, so it has proved to be something that people are talking about.I will probably check it out in the near future.

  • No one should watch "Bumfights".

    "Bumfights" is a classless and exploitative series that should not be watched by anyone. The series attempts to mock the homeless and makes money at their expense. Any self respecting person would find these shows shameful and obscene. Although they remain legal, these show should be boycotted and not sold anymore.

  • It is depraved.

    No, I have not ever watched a Bumfights film, because it is not a good thing to watch on TV. Bumfights takes advantage of people who are in dire straits. It is depraved to watch poor, sad people fight because they are being taken advantage of by people who like to gawk at them.

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