• Yes, workplaces are a challenge.

    Yes, I have experienced sexual harassment, because men are always men, even in the workplace. It would be nice if men actually abide by sexual harassment laws, because men are still men, regardless of whether they are at work or not. Women, myself included, have to put up with men wanting flirtation and worse, just to keep their jobs. It is so unfair.

  • Sexual harrassment exists in a different capacity in contemporary workplaces.

    Sexual harassment is still a concept that is alive and well in today's workplaces. Although it rarely takes on the traditional form of flirtation. More often than not, it grows out of sexual discrimination and takes on the form of harassment as an expression of one sex's inferiority to the other.

  • This All Happened Because of the Homosexual Community

    Ever since President Obama said that he sides with gay marriage, sexual harassment has been a part of every day school life for most children. Me, I've totally experienced it. The boys target other boys who aren't extremely athletic and use gay slurs to sexually harass/bully them, they will call the target "gay," "lesbian," or "transgender," whether they are gay/lesbian/transgender or not. People often say that you are gay behind your back in schools and it is mostly the popular boys that say this stuff to you. But the problem is, guidance counselors don't want to believe that stuff like this is happening in their school. Such as this kid always gives me a hug and another kid too, they put their arms around me in a quite inappropriate way. I go to my guidance counselor and all she does is sit, stay quiet, and the problem isn't resolved which is symbolizing that she thinks that I am just overreacting. I'm not! I wish she could see what happens to these kids who "overreacting" according to her. What I'm saying is, sexual harassment should not be tolerated in schools and should be obliterated. The students who do this should be expelled and sent to expulsion school or possibly Juvy because of their wrongful sin.

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