• Yes. I've had problems with iOS 8.1

    The update did not fix anything and it made things a lot worse. It made everything go slower. It took me over a minute just to bring up an Internet page. I can't download or upload anything and if I am able to start it, it takes way too long to do this.

  • Problems on iPad 3

    Safari crashes more than it did on iOS 7, whenever I connect a bluetooth device it forces a soft reset, navigating the app drawer is slower and laggier, four fingered gestures take longer to respond. My iPhone 4 didn't even get it, and I thought lack of fragmentation was something Apple touted?

    Switching to Android, Galaxy Note 4 all the way.

  • No, I have not had problems with iOS 8.1

    No, I have not had problems with iOS 8.1, as I do not own any apple devices. In my opinion, Apple devices are too expensive for what they are and I can purchase a cheaper device that is relatively the same. Almost all app's are available on Android and I do not feel the need for an Apple device.

  • iOS 8.1 has worked fine for me.

    I haven't had any problems with iOS 8.1. I have it installed on my iPad, which I use for several hours each day. I've found that everything flows smoothly. I haven't had time to try out any of the new features yet, but so far I'm very satisfied with iOS 8.1's performance.

  • No problems with iOS 8.1

    I have no problems with iOS 8.1. The only Apple product I have is the iPod, but I have no problems with it. In fact, the last iPod I had lasted over seven years. It was stellar until its last day. So I have no complains with their operating systems.

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