• I am investing in stocks

    One of the current highlights sector to invest is energy especially gas, in the short term investing in a gas company is good reason why is due to the lowering of gas prices

    The more long term thing to do is invest in energy companies that deal with other energies instead of gas as the low gas prices have brought there stock down, meaning low stock price, the reason why this is good is cuz gas prices will inevitably go back up with that the energy companies not aligned with gas will shoot up.

    Buy low, sell high it's simple

  • No I Have Not Invested In The Stock Market.

    No, I have yet to invest in the Stock Market. I'm not comfortable with gambling with the few funds I currently have available to me. The Stock Market seems like a huge risk, and while I definitely haven't ruled out the possibility of investing in it in the future, right now it seems very much out of reach.

  • I have not invested in the stock market.

    I have not invested in the stock market. I am currently in a financial position where it is difficult to free any money to be invested in anything other than basic necessities right now. In addition, I do not feel that I have the stock market knowledge necessary to do well and make any profit.

  • No, I have not invested in the stock market.

    I have not invested in the stock market because I do not have the expendable income necessary to make such an investment. Even if I did have the money, I'm not sure that I would invest in the stock market because it is so volatile and I would rather put my money into a safer investment.

  • No, I haven't invested in the stock market

    No, I haven't invested in the stock market, and I don't plan to. On one hand, many view the stock market as a highly complex system which is difficult to understand without significant training, study, and practice. But it's also worth pointing out that the recent insider trading scandals suggest that not all participants have equal access to information, and for this reason we should all be careful before entering into their game.

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