• It was good

    It tasted as if it were the best tasting burger as if i was flying on a unicorn and pooping jelly beans i loved it soooooo much curious george is such a good kisser I've heard but it wasn't george that i kissed i kissed it was even better, It was your mom

  • Do Toys Count?

    When I was little, I had this adorable little toy monkey named "Monkey" I took with me everywhere. Although I don't remember it, I kissed it multiple times, and have no doubt in my mind that I have kissed that monkey. However, I'm not sure toy monkeys count. Oh well.

  • Kissing monkeys is funny

    When a went on a school field trip to the zoo and ended up kissing the monkey it was hilarious and I still laugh about it today. ME and my friends laugh all the time about how funny it was. Those were the days man, I wish I could go back

  • Yes, yes I have.

    When monkeys were the only type of humans around, I kissed a monkey. Makes a lot of sense, right?
    I mean, I'm sure monkeys didn't kiss, but maybe some form of affection. Like birds, when you regurgitate seeds it means, "Be my mate because I love you. A lot." So why couldn't monkeys have had one?

    XD I'm being too serious for this kind of stuff.

  • Surprised ADreamOfLiberty didn't make this

    He's probably done it a few times, although I think he tends to go for horse anus. Personally, I've never kissed a monkey (unless you want to count my ex boyfriend, but I don't think that's what this poll is about). I think it's kinda nasty. Like do you know how much bacteria is in there? Eeewwwwww

  • No i have not.

    Ok that would b sick if i kissed a monkey. Imagine kissing a cut up fruit and afterwards you have a wet mouth. Can't you imagine that? Okay, don't try to get all the fame because you said you kissed a monkey. I hope people said no or else you are gonna wash your moth a million times.

  • No I have not

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  • Sadly, I have not kissed a monkey.

    I have not kissed a monkey ANYWHERE in my life. I sometimes worry that it would bring me germs and such, and they DO throw feces. But I think I would like to try kissing a monkey at least ONCE in my life.
    It's always good to try new things, you know?

  • I would never ever kiss a stinky breathed monkey. Their cute but they have breath problems.

    Monkeys are very cute but they need to brush they teeth with special toothpaste! They bite people on the nose and do lots and lots of other gross things. They are scary animals. On the outside they are cute and funny but sadly on the inside they are evil and will eat your guts out and scratch your face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I've Had No Monkey Kisses

    I have never kissed a monkey and I doubt that I will. I took a trip to the zoo and puckered, but did not kiss. The room was ghastly and smelled of poo, making hard to go on through. I hope I never have to kiss a monkey, although they're cute to look at, I'm not interested in smooching.

  • Ummm noo…. I've never.

    Why would I kiss a money? That's just weird… and they have all kinds of unsanitary things and all that. Not on my top ten dreams, thats fro sure. I know a guy who kissed a frog though, that was interesting… A monkey… I'm a human, no matter how close I am to a monkey, I'll never kiss one.

  • I have never kissed a monkey.

    I have never kissed a monkey, and I don't think I ever will in my entire life. I have a feeling that this would almost be bestiality in some way, but then it could just be something to do for fun. Even it was a thing to do for fun, I would never even try.

    Posted by: Xen

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