Have you lost hope in America's leadership?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Humanity was doomed from the start

    I have, but not necessarily because we have bad leaders, but because it is impossible to have a perfect leader in today's world. There's no perfect way to run a government, it's an abstract concept that changes constantly. It will never get better. It'll only get worse. Just be glad you were born now instead of 50,100,200 years from now. If humanity hasn't destroyed itself by then, it'll be literally hell on earth.

  • We need to have stronger and mighty leadership again

    Our politicians have become dumber and dumber with each passing year. I find both parties today to be a joke. We need a more respectable party that doesn't allow criminals and leechers to get away with stuff. We've become too lenient on criminals in this era. This party system is being stupid and corrutp.

  • Things need to change

    In my opinion, democracy isn't going to work anymore because you cant trust the people in congress. With two parties constantly battling, how do we expect to get anything done? We can't because there are too many people in congress that can not be trusted by Americans. I think it needs to be changed so that there are 6-10 people with one leader that make decisions for the country, because the less people, the less idiots.

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