• HBO Go crash

    HBO Go crash subscribers should be compensated. If their is a manfunction in the product outside of the subscribers hands and it is the fault by the provider the said provider should compensate the subscriber for the crash of hbo go. it is not fair to pay for something that you are not getting.

  • They paid for it.

    Yes, subscribers should be compensated for the HBO Go crash, because they paid for something and never got it. Even the people who didn't make use for it should be compensated if they paid for a service that they did not receive. That is basic common sense and good business.

  • Those With One Log-In Location

    From what I heard about the HBO Go crash yesterday, the problem may have been caused by people giving out their log-in information. So, it was created by people trying to steal. If they can decipher who logged in from only one location, then those people should receive a refund on the pro-rated basis. Beyond that, no they shouldn't be compensated.

  • It only crashed for a short period of time

    If HBO Go crashed for a significant period of time then I would say a small refund would be in order. However this crash was only one night due to one very popular tv show (True Detective) so I don't think HBO should have to worry about compensating customers. I am an HBO customer who uses Go somewhat frequently an I'm not looking for anything from HBO.

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