He said he was from the IRS, then stole $30,000 from me: Would you fall for this scam?

  • The IRS is scary.

    Yes, I would probably fall for this scam from the IRS, because the IRS is scary. They are threatening, and if you do not comply, they make it worse for you. They can even charge you criminally. If someone said they were from the IRS I would be so scared I would let them take all my money.

  • IRS scary scam

    I would not fall for this scam. I do not have any way to owe the IRS because I have never had a job. Reading this article was scary and I will now feel the need to educate myself even more on the IRS so I will never fall for a scam like this.

  • I make my lawyer look over everything.

    I would make my lawyer look over any documents or what not before giving the "IRS" any money. If the IRS is asking for that much money I would assume it is serious and look into it myself first. If I were told I were being audited, I would absolutely have my lawyer look over everything!

  • No, I wouldn't

    I double and triple check anything that is told to me especially when people want large sums of money. I think there are some very gullible people out there and it is a shame that they get taken advantage of in this way. People should be more willing to ask others and get help if they think something is fishy.

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