• Yes for some subjects, such as art and PE

    In art and PE you won't have to remember knowledge as it's more practical, however in subjects where you learn content you shouldn't have them as they can prevent you taking in knowledge. I also think you should be able to have them in PSHE as it's the most pointless thing ever

  • Really useful in class

    I like to use headphones to get away from all the distractions in the classroom but when the teacher is speaking I don't use them. Only individual work. I get loads more work done in class when I have music in also it doesn't make the lesson as boring .

  • Just to argue with the majority

    Yes, but only in certain cases. Bear in mind, nowadays not all students look to teachers to provide a proper education. In some instances, the lesson might be incomplete or very basic, or the student might simply not understand the way the teacher is teaching. Thus, they might prefer studying by themselves, hunched over in class over a text/reference book and only referring to the teacher when they really don't understand something. In cases such as this, headphones might help these students block out noise the rest of the class, so they can focus better on studying. Thus, i support this motion, on the grounds that it allows students to properly understand wth is going on.

  • Errr.. Sure. I'll agree.

    I have to say, headphones are useful and fun for games and music and if an alarm is playing, it'll play though your headphones instead of the speakers, so you won't get in trouble. It's also something to listen to. Sure, they're distracting, and you may break them, but it'll be useful. Trust me.

  • What kind of headphones?

    If we're referring to headphones where you can listen to music, then of course not. You're in class to learn. Save the music for your own personal use at home. I've known some people that have worn noise-reducing headphones in class, but those are people who have had sensory issues, so that would be okay.

    Posted by: S.K
  • You should be focusing on learning, not listening to music.

    If you want to waste your education and promote a generation which won't know left from right, let alone rule a country, then allow students to bring headphones into class. Students need to take responsibility and stop messing about. In fact, most electronic devices should be banned in schools and teachers should be stricter. It is ridiculous that teenagers can do as they please in schools and waste the resources spoon-fed to them for learning and improving the standard of their lives beyond a job at McDonalds.

  • Just put them away

    No matter how much I may want to agree, I can't. Students nowadays are always on their phones and have headphones on. Class time is there so we can take a break from those things and get to learn something that'll probably help us in the future instead of replaying a popular inappropriate song. They could also be stolen. You never know who will sneekily grab your stuff and you can't really trust anybody with them, unless you have a spare and don't care if those break. Let's just take a break from them and not use them in class.

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stevenharrison says2015-08-28T14:11:40.620
It is a curious debate, one that asks us to give a blanket statement one way or the other. I can already see qualifications to the answers of others, those who say, "Yes in some cases, no to others." Ultimately it is a case-sensitive question, sometimes a child has headphones to explicitly ignore the teacher, and sometimes the headphones serve a truly educational purpose.