Headscarves in Turkish universities: Was Turkey's parliament right in February, 2008 to permit Muslim headscarves in universities?

  • Religious Tolerance is Important

    Turkey's parliament was absolutely right to permit Muslim headscarves in universities because religious tolerance is an important principle and particularly in a learning environment needs to be protected. Because the headscarf is required in Islam, denying women the right to wear it forces them to make a choice between religion and education, and often they forgo education, which puts them at a disadvantaged position in the adult world.

  • Muslim headscarves are a reminder of female oppression that exists in Muslim law.

    Normally I'm totally in favor of people wearing what they please, however in a university where the goal is to learn and grow as a person, allowing women to come to university adorned in what is essentially religious slavery regalia is very tasteless and should be viewed with the same scrutiny as other tasteless clothing that is also typically frowned on in dress codes.

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