• Obamacare premiums are outrageous.

    Yes, everyone having health insurance is a good thing, but make it affordable. These premiums through Obamacare is out of control. You have to basically be rich to afford them. Us poor people basically have to choose between food and heat or paying the premiums and not being fined. If it is going to remain a law we have to keep insurance the prices need to come way down.

  • Healthcare should be free

    The price of health insurance premiums in America is an absolute disgrace. While Obamacare has genuinely helped many families, there are still lots of people out there to whom healthcare is still something that they can't afford. Health is not something that we can always control, and having to choose between insurance and feeding your children is not something that should be happening.

  • It's too hard for working families.

    Health care exchange prices are very expenses. Ordinary families can expect to pay more than $1000 per month. Then, on top of that, the plan has a deductible of approximately $5,000 before a person can even actually see any benefit from the health insurance. Most people with modest incomes cannot afford that.

  • High, yes. Out of control, no.

    The prices are higher than expected, it is true, but out of control seems a bit of dramatic. A lot of factors go into the prices, though. Some of these are the fault of way the Affordable Care Act was drafted and implemented. Others are outside factors, such as lower enrollment rates from young, healthy, workers, and some state governments' unwillingness to engage with the plan.

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