• We Should All Suffer Together

    It's unfair to exempt anyone from health care reform. There is no one person in society who is too special or important to get special exemptions from any law. Alternatively, when a person calls 911, they are giving out public information, so if 911 operators want to share that information with the rest of the public that should be their right. The same rules should just apply to everyone.

  • Pretty much pointless

    There is no reason to bring 911 operators into our decisions bout health care reform. Provided we aren't attempting to somehow exclude them from receiving health care, the opinions of 911 operators on how we, as a nation, handle our health care, are extremely trivial. I see no point in involving 911 operators with health care reform.

  • Don't touch 911 operators

    I don't think we should change anything in the way 911 operates just because we are talking about changing areas of Health Care. I think the 911 system has been working well for a long time, it is not because there are some problems that everything should be changed. All big systems have problems.

  • 911 Operators Involved?

    When it comes to Health Care Reform, I am trying to figure out how 911 operators would benefit from giving the government information that would help improve health care. Let's be honest, the operators are the communications connections between those in need of help and those that can provide help. Reform needs to be between Insurance companies (charging $5.99 for ONE Ibuprofen) and our hospitals, doctors and other medical providers.

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