Health insurance cooperatives: Are health insurance co-ops popular among citizens and organizations?

  • I believe health insurance co-ops are very supported by citizens and businesses

    Due to a high demand for co-operatives in regards to health insurance, we see many standing behind them. There will always be a need for health insurance. In and out of work. There are many unexpected changes or occurrences life can toss in some one's way. I believe health care prices are very costly, but are justified due to the amount of man hours and the machines used in the effort. Many people demand this from their coworkers or the government because they cannot afford the cost themselves.

  • Health insurance co-ops are popular

    For good reason, health insurance co-ops are popular among citizens and organizations. This is a cheaper alternative to individual insurance. Generally this pool allows for lower rates than an individual could get alone. Health insurance co-ops should be the future of health insurance, which would allow for universal healthcare some day.

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