Health insurance mandates: Are insurance mandates consistent with individual rights?

  • Yes, because those mandates for insurance to live up to the terms of the products they sell.

    By having mandates on insurance companies that forces them to provide the coverage that we pay for. And that will empower consumers and individuals. No longer will companies be able to escape coverage via the "fine print", no longer will they able to do things like "rescisssions" to get rid of people once they get sick on health insurance. Those days are over and now we can finally get what we pay for.

  • Government is imposing

    The new health care law is a strange composite of smaller laws whose genesis lays in the way the US is organized legally. Congress has no powers in health care, and it is a serious stretch to say that individual mandates are even legal (The Supreme Court was under intense pressure to declare it so), and they're certainly not beneficial to individual rights.

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