Health insurance mandates: Are mandates analogous to car insurance mandates?

  • Health insurance and car insurance mandates are very much the same

    I've heard it argued that health insurance is not the same, because you don't have to own a car. However, they are more alike than some think. Car insurance, is about protecting yourself from unexpected accidents while in your car. Health insurance, is about protecting yourself from expected and unexpected health issues. Everyone that has ever lived, has died, and everyone currently living will die. At some point, nearly everyone will need to see a doctor if they enjoy living. Health insurance being mandated to all, makes it even and fair for all, like car insurance. If everyone that drives, has insurance, we are sure that if accidents happen, they are taken care of fairly and timely. If everyone that lives has health insurance, we are not all forced to pay for those that do not.

  • Insurance is evil, ban insurance and stop the exploitation!

    Insurance is an evil industry that exploits people's fears and profits off of misery.

    Health insurance, car insurance, house insurance, and perhaps more forms of insurance should be straight up banned. Then when people lack the ability to pay, the government should with taxpayer money pay part of it when serious things beyond a person's reasonable ability to control matters occurs for things like health emergencies and auto accidents. It should only be for: 1. When people can't reasonably afford it paying with their own money (reasonably meaning taking into consideration when people need to save their money for college or other important current or future expenses) , 2. When the price of a good or service is obscenely high even when a given person can afford it, or 3. In encouraging certain behaviors such as allowing everyone one or two free doctor and dental checks up a year (at least for children), since some people who can afford it may decide not to go (or decide not to send their children) if it isn't free.

    Insurance has a measurable effect on the prices of goods and services. Since a third party pays for everything insurance drives up the prices, forcing people who otherwise could've afforded the services fine just paying out of pocket to buy insurance in case of having to pay the inflated prices. This creates a vicious cycle of inflation.

  • People can not drive

    Health insurance mandates are compulsory for all citizens without health insurance, regardless of a person's actions and choices. Car insurance is mandated solely for people who drive and, when driving, utilize public (federal or state) roads; a person can freely choose not to drive - or drive on these roads - and thus are free not to purchase car insurance.

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