Health insurance mandates: Is mandatory insurance a good means to universal care?

  • Different Approach to Universal Care

    I think the way the United States is approaching the idea of Universal Care by enforcing its citizens to sign up for health care is a new approach that may take time to get used to. It may sound harsh that the U.S. is giving its citizens no choice but to sign up for health care but it's in the best interest of the citizen to sign up. Plus, the penalty for not having insurance is not a high wager such that its detrimental to the citizen.

  • No, Mandatory insurance is not a good means to universal health care

    I don't think that mandatory insurance is a good means to universal health care because its forcing employers to lower the hours their employees work so they don't have to provide it. The costs of the new health care act are causing premiums to skyrocket and forcing people to buy or pay a fee instead is just outrageous. You are loosing more of your rights as a human being by being forced to buy something .

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