Health insurance mandates: Should governments mandate that people buy private health insurance or face penalties?

  • Health Insurance or Pay the Penalty

    Health care should not be something reserved for the privileged classes. While some may think that paying a penalty for not buying health insurance is unfair, it is one way to force them to do so. The uninsured raise the cost of healthcare for everyone, including hospitals which are forced to pass on these extra costs to paying patients.

  • No, the government should not fine individuals who don't own health insurance.

    The United States government, through President Obama's leadership, has created a mess with requiring all people to have insurance policies. But this goes even a step farther, by charging people a fee (that will go up over the years) for not complying. Americans used to have the option not to own insurance and not to pay a fee. These new requirements put a lot of pressure on people to comply, even those who can't easily afford it, yet don't qualify for Medicaid.

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