Health insurer stocks soar: Is Obama really bad for corporate America?

  • For some of it

    When President Obama makes policies, he isn't making them for corporate America. He's making them for America, as a whole. If that's a bad thing, then yes he's bad for that particular side of the country. If you're only looking at it in the short term, or you're running one of the companies involved, it has to look bad - but look into the long term and it'll even out in the end.

  • No, I do not think so.

    No, I do not think that Obama is really bas for corporate America. I hate how everyone has been putting all the blame on Obama for everything. I know he really isn't helping to make matters easier it just not fair how he is guilty for ruining everything for America.

  • No, Obama is not bad for corporate America.

    All of the numbskulls running around decrying Obama's "socialist" policies need to get a better grip with reality. The fact is that all of Obama's policies fall so incredibly short of actual socialism, it inevitably serves as a painful reminder to us and to the rest of the world just how awful American education really is. If Obama has helped even just a few million Americans get health insurance, isn't that a good thing?

  • I've always supported

    I have always supported Obama, since the beginning. I have not found a reason to, he has given a lot to the community, which should have been a lot of people's priorities. I think Obama was a good change for this generation and all of the people in it. A lot of people that don't support him are older people and white people, not to be racist.

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