Healthy diet helps to live longer - myth or real true?

Asked by: stilferx
  • Health is how alive you are.

    That's literally what it means. Eating healthy will help you to stay alive. You are what you eat. Eat healthy = be healthy = be alive. Surely anyone can know that healthy diet means a healthy life! Even my little sister knows this. It's very important to stay healthy by eating healthy. VEGATABLES and FRUITS and GRAINS and LEGUMES and TREE NUTS and all things healthy.

  • It could even improve your mood

    Do you know many teens and children are constipated because of their unhealthy diet? They don't eat any vegetable or fruits and prefer processed food or fast food. Now young people are getting colon cancer in their 20s and 30s.
    Sure you might be happy eating a donuts for breakfast and cheeseburger for lunch and some freezer food for dinner. But you will hurt yourself in the long run.

    Try eating more beans they are a superfood. You should try a 5 layer bean and salsa dip and they sell them at health stores. Try snaking on fruit like bananas and mangos or kiwis. Try eating oats enhanced with fruit.
    Replace soda with flavored sparking water and find ways to eat more healthier. You can even still eat meat.
    Do it for your body because you don't want to have colon cancer and other health problems by 30.

  • Yesi it is good

    A healty diet is realy good for your health, Of course you shouldn't be in a diet everytime sometimes you can take small brakes but if you want a healthy life diet is a good way to start. You should stay away from alcohol, Cigars and drugs. Even tho people prease these stuff these days all of this stuff caused a lot of problems on society.

  • Healthy diet provoke us that we have silver bullet

    My opinion - healthy diet is more about damage to health than about long happy life. I agree that we should little see and think how we eat and what. But no more. Because some next new super diet - it is a big stress to the organism. Also we sometimes don't know is it good for us or bad. Especially for our personal specific of the organism. Because I think, All diets are evil, No more.

  • They Are A Cash Grab

    They always fail your better to get the fat sucked out of you or better yet just get the flu really bad not fatal just until your hyper skinny and be sure to make yourself throw up like the do in LA then your all set vive le annarexia ha

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