• Hearts:Love and Compassion

    Your heart should be your conscience. Emotions are very important. Making a decision without emotions is dumb-even if making a decision without logic is crazy. I prefer crazy. Emotions are the guiding forces that make us choose stuff anyway. It's impossible for most people to be all brain and no heart.

  • The brain obviously.

    Any sort of decision making should be done with your brain. Not what some people will say is that you need to go with what you feel. Well, the brain is what controls emotions or feelings, not the heart. The heart is only an organ that pumps blood through the body. Any emotions associated with the heart actually belong to the brain.

  • The brain should be utilized more than raw emotion.

    While acting from the heart denotes sincerity, urgency, and favors the carnal needs the most, acting from perspective of the brain usually proves more beneficial. While acting from the brain, an individual can utilize numerous mental processes simultaneously to effectively think their way through any situation. One can measure possible outcomes, and results, and act accordingly.

  • Brain controls everything.

    The brain is divided majory in half, the technical and emotional part.
    What does our senses see or feel is originally from our brain without our brain we feel nothing our brain gives the signal to our whole body to react into something and signal the heart to pump a blood in connection with the nerves that are connected to the body . The brain gives signal and the heart react to that signal and start pumping faster and the blood become rapidly active which causes the feeling.

  • The Brain is logical the heart is emotional, there is a huge difference in logic and feeling.

    Logic comes first, it is your intellect to break down thing and define them. To understand and investigate. To think critically and to think relatively. Thinking with your heart is a deception, as it is a feeling. Not factual evidence or knowledge. It is just that, an emotion, a chemically unbalanced feeling. The real world is different, so in a sense, your heart decieves you. Your brain informs you. There is a big difference. The best position to be in, is to allow the brain to be in control.

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