• Heaven there is way too much proof

    Look people die and they come back to life and they say they saw a bright light and they felt at peace. People have died and came back to life and they said they saw diseased family. When some people die and they come back to life they say they saw family that they had no idea existed. More people are born than die- there isn't enough people for reincarnation.

  • A Place In Paradise

    I believe that when we die if we lead a good life, or if we have made mistakes along the way and are truly repentant we all go to heaven. I guess my belief initially came from being born and raised a Catholic, but as I have grown older there are just some things that have occurred after the passing of my folks that has led me to truly believe that yes there is life in heaven after our work on this earth is through.

  • I am not sure

    There has to be something when we die. Maybe there is a period of time where you are waiting to be recycled. Could this be what we call heaven?There are stories of children telling stories about people they say that they used to be but they died and were reborn.
    I do not know if our souls are recycled but I am very interested to see what happens after death. This is why I do not fear it.

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thp078 says2013-11-11T14:12:28.297
This is a question of what you would prefer, not necessarily what you believe.