• I'm Peter Parker talking to a rogue daughter of the Mad Titan

    Here's a pop culture dictionary for ya
    racism: Prejudice against people with dark skin
    Anti-racism: People who oppose racism
    Racist: people who support racism
    Non-racism: People who do not support or oppose racism
    Racial Hoax: When somebody breaks the law and uses racism as an excuse to get away with it
    Racial Justice: The big fight for Anti-racism. The thing is, Your green skinned which means that you could fall anywhere on the spectrum. All you need to know is All Lives Matter.

  • Wow just wow

    I’ve never seen so much racism towards jamal who’s still a kid on this website dominated by white people like Harvey dent, Fat body shamer, Jamal’s sister, Every other spammer who’s hated jamal and I also want to say I’m disgusted at Batman and Robin two white guys refusing to help jamal. This is clear racism 101

  • This is not racism

    We are not picking on Jamal because he is black, We are picking on Jamal because he is fat. We did not ask Batman and robin to save Jamal, We asked Batman and robin to kill the joker. Jon Lennon is a false prophet with false and over exaggerated claims. We don’t pick on people because of their race, We pick on them because of their weight and batman was asked to kill the joker, Not to save some poor fat boy and Jamal has done a lot of wrong here with his spam and anyone who disagrees needs to be smacked on the upside of the head

  • What the hell is this racism everyone keeps talking about?

    I just don't get it, First Tony Stark kills my father, Second, I wind up in this future reality, 3rd, Star Lord the space ravager is hunting me down an he doesn't want me going rogue, 4th of all, Loki tricked me into joining him and now I have to watch my back before fat joker sits on me, What does racism have to do with my situation here? I have so many questions for my sister nebula, The list gets longer and longer. Somebody, Please tell me why you keep referencing to racism because I've spent most of my life in an environment where nobody even knew what racism meant and now I'm stuck living with people that not only know what it means but they incorporate it into everything! I need somebody to teach me pop culture here and I hope Loki is the first to do that since I'm outta here tonight.

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