• I’m so dissapointed in you all!

    You all pick on my son and I’m so angry at all of you, You should be ashamed all teaming up and body shaming this boy and not letting him have his fun on the internet I bet your mothers would give you a big beating if they saw the way you guys treated him!

  • It is not true

    You are not Jamal's mom you are a filthy liar named Jamal the idiot. All of your posts are bull $hit and you should be kicked out of your mommies basement and out of this website forever. I don't like you I hate you! You are the burden of my life and you don't deserve to live anymore!

  • At one point you where right.

    But not anymore, At first bodyshamer was picking on your son and that was wrong, But he's gone now and all Jamie is doing is spamming and ruining the site for everyone, Now no one is being mean to your son, I teamed up with Jamie to help him defeat the bodyshamer, I'm not going to body shame Jamie because it's not someone's fault if they're fat, But please, Don't side with him on everything.

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