• Hi sorry about my son and the impersonator

    Someone impersonated me as his mom but I’m his real mom, Jamal ran away from
    Home and went to his fathers thinking he could play video games all day so I let him then his father kicked him out, Idk where he is now or how he has access to this website, Jamal if you’re reading this it’s time for you to come home and do your homework, Get a job and do your chores.

  • I am jamal

    I’m not going anywhere. I am not returning to you. I joined up with Loki and were traveling to an alternate universe to time heist the mcu so he can kill the purple blob that killed his future self. Loki also wants to save some gamora girl and start dating her because she’s green and angry. Finally, He wants tony stark to give him a drink and I will help him do all of that thanks the bifrost. See you in a parrarel reality losers! P. S. I also want to say hi to Spider-Man and I’m going to turn his girlfriend mj into the best goblin ever. I know exactly how to make Mj the new new goblin and if she accepts my idea, She will be saving Peter Parker’s butt cheeks left and right.

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