• Phew I must have overslept

    Wow this website got pretty boring after I left, So who am I facing again? Oh wait the entire party left? Well dangit now I have to constantly spam the website and make constant new posts just to get another spam rival, Oh well I guess that's how it is

  • Let’s catch you up jamal

    Star lord was making love with his mommy and bully maguire was making love with his aunt. The two of them were fighting and Harry Osborn, Flash Thompson, And Mary Jane were intervening. Star lord spammed the anti bully and the anti bully pooped on bully maguire and black Mary Jane pooped on the anti bully and that pissed off white Mary Jane and her friends and star lord came back and his incest children kicked his balls and gamora was laughing at the whole affair and Loki was discussing finances with a raccoon over some security systems and a dead joker body Harley Quinn and cat woman also had a fight over what to do with Batman and don lennon played the race card twice and now we have two spammers spamming about pedophilla

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