• Joker isn’t funny

    He said he kidnapped me but here I am still doin doin his mom and he can’t do anything about it as I completely buttfuck her and she just sits there or lays there and just enjoys it and loves it. I bet joker feels good that I’m doin his mom all the time

  • Told you clowns Jamal is still alive

    HA! This guy is quite the pain these days. He didn't save debate. Org. All he did was finish what the fat spammer started, Complete and total destruction. Your no hero, Your just a villain that murders other villians which it could have been worse but really, Tell me Jamal, When did you spam the joker's mommy because I can't find the Joker's mother anywhere on this site

  • I am Jamal's sister

    Here is what the Joker said last:

    HA Ha Ha! School is out! COVID-19 has shut down the schools and school is out everybody. Enjoy your lives. I managed to kidnap this kid last night and he is capable to speaking swear words only so I locked him up in the fridge. When I let him out, He told me it was cold in there and I told him the fridge was used as punishment for crimes. The kid asked me "Well what did the chicken do that was so bad? You even cut the head off, "

    See, He NEVER said Jamal here. Therefore, Your accusation is incorrect. Yes the Joker kidnapped SOMEBODY but the SOMEBODY was NOT JAMAL. Plus the other guy is right. THis is getting very old despite the fact I joined so late.

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