HELP WITH BOOK!! Should a half human/half dragon shifter date Yes= A human or a Dragon No= Another Half human/half dragon

Asked by: The_entomologist
  • A half human half dragon might be a problem

    Unless your character lives in a magical world populated by half human half dragon characters, then no. It will be cliche to find that there is another mixed species out there. If your character is more human than dragon with just wings, then they should date a human, If she is more dragon, then they should probably date a dragon.

  • Half human / half dragon is weird

    Dragon or human would be more interesting as i think human and dragon is just wierd . Human/dragon isi more relatible and can be taken much more seriously. With human and dragon, it is just strange. Human or dragon can be taken further, and made more interesting and fun. Hope this helped.

  • It works better

    A human relationship, everyone can agree with, but is kind of boring. A dragon relationship, some people may disagree with but it is more entertaining. But a half human/half dragon relationship is agreeable with since they are both technically the same "species" and it is still entertaining and could provide for a good story.

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Gareth_BM says2017-05-19T07:23:00.247
Consider what exactly you want to achieve this relationship? What themes will you book explore, how will this develop the protagonist as a person? What kind of character will their partner be? Does being half dragon have any consequences like being unable to have children like many real world hybrids? How do you want to explore that?