Hey body shaming guy just wondering if you still think you're protecting this website from spam.

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  • Don’t worry I scared him off

    He won’t respond to any of my challenges he’s just mad because I’m funny and he’s not. I posted some funny stuff and then he challenged me with a post and I roasted his a$$ so badly he resorted to more public posts lol. The guy is probably hiding all scared because he’s worried we’re gonna dox him LOL. And this was after he said I should be DOXXED LMFAO!

  • I'm interested to hear your reason if you still do.

    Ok mate I posted one thing you didn't like and if you stop now I'll never post any "spam" again you never had to do this it was a one time thing that I did. Before you there was spam there will be spam after you at least don't ask me to leave you hypocrite! You filled the opinions section with pictures of fat people YOU'RE THE BIGGEST SPAMMER EVER ON DEBATE. ORG!

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