• Hi I’m “the hopeless spammer”

    Hey other guy insulting me. You do realize you too are spamming right? Explain to me how I’m the bad guy when your stupid spam war goes all the way back to 35 pages?
    Https://www. Debate. Org/opinions/there-s-too-much-spam-going-on-here-and-we-need-to-kick-the-fat-losers-in-their-mother-s-basement-off

    Explain to me why I’m the bad guy when I didn’t make that many spam post and you made like 35 whole f***ing pages of spam? You’re probably the reason this site is so messed up and why I’m having so much trouble posting a question and all I can do is post “I need help” idk why those topics are going through but I can’t post anything else and it’s probably because of you spamming the shit out of this website for literally 35 pages long because you have such a tiny dick. And I’m not fat

  • I am Jamal

    We rigged debate. Org so it runs in spam favors stupid hopeless spammer. If you want to post topics here, Join the slam wars and post spam against us spammers. Only a spammer can defeat another spammer. Have fun and have some good laughs because I just did your mommy and daddy and I sat on your brother until he ran away crying wee wee wee all the way home

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