Hezbollah selling drugs in Europe and US to support terrorist acts: should the US treat drug traffickers as terrorists?

  • Drug Trafficker Terrorists

    If someone is trafficking drugs in order to support terrorist acts, then they are terrorists too. They have no consideration as to who is being affected, so they should see no sympathy. If they support the cause, they get treated as a terrorist would. It is plain and simple - they are terrorists too, the US needs to treat them as one.

  • Drug traffickers are terrorists

    Absolutely, the US should treat drug traffickers as terrorists because they are supporting terrorist acts. If you support a terrorist and their ideals, then you are just like them. Not only to drug traffickers support terrorists, but they also have their own kind of terrorism that they bring to our country. By bringing in drugs, they help keep more people addicted, poor, and destitute.

  • Drugs have always funded terrorism

    I think it is reasonable for the United States government to treat big drug traffickers as terrorists because it has been proven time and time again that big drug often funds weapon trafficking, and weapon trafficking funds terrorism. It is great that the US is taking a stand against Hezbollah.

  • If by supporting an act you commit it, we are all bad people

    Drug trafficking is a serious problem which must be addressed effectively - about this there is not doubt. The idea that by drug trafficking you are a terrorist relies on the premise that by supporting an act you are yourself committing that act. If this is true, as voting 'yes' would imply, then anyone who eats meat should be prosecuted for animal abuse; anyone who drinks coffee should be condemned as a slave driver; anyone who wears cotton is guilty of paying their workers next to nothing. Drug trafficking is wrong, but the idea that it is an act of terrorism is ill-founded.

  • It depends how high you go in the chain of command

    I don't think the gangs of Los Angeles or New York are terrorists. I don't think the college kid who is trying to pay for college in creative ways is a terrorist. I also don't think rock stars and movie stars are terrorists. However, the guys shipping it in and evading customs are terrorists. Anyone who takes the money earned from the sale of drugs and gives it to anyone who threatens people with violence is a terrorist. You might want to start looking at pharmaceutical companies, too. Who knows what they do with their money.

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