Hezbollah sends rocket attack to Israel: Is Lebanon inciting war with Israel?

  • Greetings from Hezbollah

    Yes, we send greetings and gifts to all the Jews. Why do they not appreciate this or respond in kind? Why do they not welcome such indiscriminate greetings by responding in kind? I shall write a strongly worded memo and ask for an apology! I shall continue to send them more greetings, because I a am a loving neighbor.

  • Lebanon is inciting war with Israel because Hezbollah sends rocket attacks to Israel.

    Lebanon is inciting war with Israel because Hezbollah sends rocket attacks to Israel. Hezbollah is a terrorist organization in Lebanon that wants to destroy Israel. Hezbollah contends that Israel is occupying Palestinian land illegally and is responsible for murdering and persecuting Palestinians. Since Hezbollah operates within Lebanon, it is responsible for inciting war with Israel because of Hezbollah's rocket attacks.

  • Yes, Hezbollah are inciting war with Israel.

    The rocket attacks launched Hezbollah into Israel are intended in my opinion to draw Israel into a wider conflict in the middle east forcing Israel into conflicts on more than one front. This is intended to weaken Israel's ability to respond to the deepening crisis with regards to Gaza and the other Palestinian areas of settlement.

  • Attacking a Foriegn Nation is War

    When rockets are fired into a foriegn nation it is an act of war. You do not send rockets to say say hello neighbor welcome to the community. Sending rockets can not be compared to sending a greeting card. It is difficult to claim you are looking for peace when you continually attack your neighbor and claim they have no right to exist.

  • Lebanon is ALLOWING a war with Israel

    People on the yes side say rockets are an act of war that is true. But Hezbollah is not part of the lebanese government. The lebanese are scared of Hezbollah which is why they are not preventing it. Blame should definitely be put at Lebanon for not preventing it but in Lebanon's defense they are really just trying to stay the hell away from this conflict because they don't want a war. And just think how much rebuke an Arab country will get from its neighbors if they help Israel,

  • What is war, really?

    I believe that war in Israel is such a complex subject, that context is key to this debate. Unless you clearly understand the context of Israel, it is difficult to present a knowledgeable, informed view on this topic. The act of a rocket attack should not be put out of context, but this does not mean it is not an act of war.

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