HGH growth hormone: Is it acceptable to use the HGH growth hormone for bodily enhancement?

  • For adults 21 and up it should be legal

    Men and women at the age of 70 only have 1/10th of what a 20 year old have. People low on HGH will suffer depression and have low self-esteem. People also suffer from low HGH due to lack of sleep on a busy schedule or because they have trouble sleeping. Many young or old people are capable of getting HGH one way or another and those that use it can become a menace to those that don't have it in possession (like guns). HGH used to enhance one's body to fend off against aggressors is as important as possessing a can of mace or a taser. A weak and unhealthy body cannot use a taser or mace very well not only that if the body was enhanced with HGH that individual could run away from bad situations as well putting themselves into safety and not having to harm the assailant.

  • From what I know, yes, it seems safe and fairly natural.

    Although Sylvester Stallone isn't a scientist or infallible, the way he described his taking it is that HGH is indeed a hormone we enjoy for much of our lives, and if taking more of it as it its natural production starts to wane is beneficial to your bodily functions with no ill side effects, I see no reason not to take it. It's certainly "acceptable".

  • No, HGH use is not acceptable.

    Using HGH is not acceptable for use as a bodily enhancement. It's only intended use is for people with certain medical issues. Using it to enhance your body is vain and unacceptable. It is probably also illegal. It is considered a performance enhancing drug similar to steroids. This is not acceptable.

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