Hi! Guys I'm student so I have to do a reseach and I have something to ask you. Is Islam peaceful? Thx

Asked by: nanney
  • Violence is not religion's essence

    The very essence of all the major world religions, Islam included is not atrocity and violence. My maternal grandmother is a devout Presbyterian and she's not a violent fanatic. Suicide bombings and mass shootings perpetrated by ISIS and/or people claiming to be ISIS make headlines more often than what goes on in the lives of majority Muslims who practice their faith peacefully, leading to the misinterpretation of Islam as a violent religion. Islam has the same values as the other major religions; respect for human life, peace, honesty, justice, reverence for the sacred, etc.

  • Islam is a Religion of Love and Peace

    Salaam! I'm a Muslim, converted, and I believe that Islam is, in fact, a religion of peace.
    While there are several verses in the Quran that are considered violent, many of them are taken out of context, since most of them come from a part in the Quran where the Prophet(PBUH)'s people were being attacked by violent kafirs, or non-believers, for what they believed, and were being driven out of their homeland. In defending themselves, they had no choice but to be violent, similar to the Israelites slaughtering the first born sons of Egypt, but not at all similar to several Bible verses, which just outright say to kill all nonbelievers with little to no context about the things that the supposed non-believers were doing to them, (2 Chronicles 15: 12-13 being my personal favorite) so take that as you will, I suppose.

  • Islam is a peaceful religion

    Islam is based on peace the people who are terrorists are a very small part of the Islamic community and almost all of the community does not condone terrorists also the terrorists are only a small part and in general the community is very peaceful and the entire religion is based off of peace

  • I would say no.

    Muslim people can of corse be peaceful, the majority of them that I know are, and anyone wh says they cannot is just an idiot. Islam on the other hand is not a peaceful religion, very few religions actually are. Christianity isn't peaceful not is Islam, but now a days, the overwhelming majority of Christians are, the same can't be said about Muslims. The best parts of Christianity are being manifested right now, but in the dark ages the worst where the ones at the center, Islam is the same, the worst parts of it are center stage and a large part of it is vaillant.

  • Yes, Islam is peaceful

    You can't judge islam by muslims. To understand islam, you need to learn about it yourself. The basic to understand islam is understanding its guidelines such as qur'an, tafsir, hadiths, and you need to ask scholars about any thing you don't know. It's ain't fair if you rely on medias and non muslim preachers. It's ain't fair either if you just read the qur'an bluntaly and jump into your own conclusion. I live in a muslim majority environment and they are the most tolerant and peaceful people ever. You should interview some non muslims that live in muslim majority country like Indonesia. You'll now how good they''ve been treated. Well, some countries have their own conflict and dark sides (like Afganistan, Syria, etc). Sometimes, you people also need to know the difference between culture and religion.

    Posted by: Mz99
  • Yes it is true islam is the only religion in the world which is peace. Many terrorist framed that muslims are the terrorist .

    If Christians conquer is known as colonialism . If the other religion conquer is racicm .If muslims do it is knowm as terrorism what a blind world it is .No other religions knows the exact meaning of the verses .If you need to understand it use your brain and read the quran fully in your full heart. Look even in bible said there is judgement day in quran its been said . My religion is best of all because my lord the only lord of the universe said dont joke at any religions . So we follow it so dont think muslims will be quite if u blame at us

  • Not really peaceful

    In the Quran it states whoever does not take in the religion should be punished, at least 109 verses are in the Quran all telling war and violence with non- believers. And it always seems to me that when a terrorist attack happens, people start instantly protecting the muslims and starts calling everyone Islamphobic. It is true not all muslims are bad and some are really nice people, but a few peaceful muslims doesn't represent the religion itself.

  • It's the opposite

    Here's a verse from quran 9:At-Tawbah (29) :
    Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture - [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled.

  • No it is not peaceful

    Although the vast majority of Muslims might be peaceful people, when you say “Islam is a religion of peace,” you’re talking about the system or the religion from its inception. Apart from the first 13 years that Muhammad claimed to be a prophet, you don’t really have any history of Islam that was devoid of violence. The moment Muhammad was able to start fighting, he started launching battles at a rate of nine battles a year until he died. And then after he died, Muslims conquered one-third of the known world—from the shores of the Atlantic to India.

    So from the very beginning of Islamic history, violence has been quite present. So what do we mean when we say Islam is a religion of peace? The only way that could possibly mean something true is if we say Islam somehow brings peace to a person, but that’s not the way the slogan is being used.

  • Not at all

    Islam says in numerous places in the Koran to “kill nonbelievers wherever you find them” and other disgusting thing of the sort. Islam is inherently violent, However there are some peaceful Muslims. Although if people followed what the Koran actually said then they all would be violent “radical islam” is actually just real Islam. BTW the prophet Muhammad raped and was married to an 8 year old

  • Islam is as peaceful as mein kampf and nazi ideology.

    The fact that this is even a question just shows how very little is known about the quran and islam by non muslims. The muslims will lie in your face, always repeating the nonsense "islam is a religion" When in fact islam is more of a religion of piss. The lying muslims will use taqiyya to further advance the cause of islam. Their favorite verse they quote [Whoever kills a person [unjustly]…it is as though he has killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved all mankind.]

    But the true meaning of the verse is (We prescribe to the CHILDREN OF ISRAEL that whoever slays a soul, UNLESS it be for manslaughter or for mischief in the land, it is as though he slew all men; and whoever keeps it alive, it is as though he kept alive all men)
    Because when the verse is read in full it implies that “when the person is a murderer, or someone who inciting sedition,” that killing him is justified. And in the eyes of Muslims, all non-Muslims who reject Allah and Islam are “spreading corruption”

    They are hundreds of verse calling for the killing and enslavement of non muslims. Enslaving and raping the women of their defeated enemies. Islam is the most vile and hateful religion in modern time.

  • No religion is truly peaceful.

    Religion is a reflection of ourselves and although it can be peaceful it can also be horrific. This is not limited to Islam. Islam is getting a bad press at the moment mostly because its being rammed down our throats as a religion of peace. But this isn't the religions fault. Religion can be whatever you need it to be and it can be used to get people through the hardest times, or it can be used to justify almost anything. Christians burned people as witches but does that represent most Christians today? Was it the religion or the people of the time?
    When I read some of the Koran I was a little shocked at the tone of the book. Instead of inspiring stories it was just a list of things you can't do. But then when I read the Bible I was a little horrified at how cruel and unforgiving the Catholic God seemed. However I am by no means an expert and this is all just my humble opinion that's liable to change with new information. Nor am I religious, but I am fascinated by it all.

  • Crass and uncouth religion

    Arabic piece of shit ideology. Muslims have never created nor can they create anything. One of the most dangerous death cults ever to befall our earth. Spread mayhem and terror wherever they went. Lead by a womanizer and pedophile. Most barbaric and violent. Cannot believe why people in this day and age still believe this.

  • Lot of Quran verses encouraging violence.

    Quran has some verses against non believers. It describe how to kill non followers of Islam. Thats why the world used the term Islamic terrorism.And terrorists quoted that verses about their killings. Also Islamic countries doesn't allow to practice other religions. And minorities or tortured and killed by Islamists. If you read Quran, you wont say its is peaceful religion.

  • Blatantly and un-apologetically not peaceful...

    Read Islamic writings. Read the writings of the prophet mohammed.

    It is clear throughout that he favoured conversion by the sword. He advocated beating women. He, himself, was a conqueror. He condoned beheadings for non-believers.

    Sorry, but how much less peaceful can you get?

    Islamic rule outlines ideas of 'sexual emergencies' for men. It promotes the idea of throwing gay people from rooftops.

    People can try to sugar coat it all they want, but the foundations of the religion are violent.

  • It's kind of conflicting

    Islam and Muslims are not the same (obviously). What's not so obvious is the fact that Islam needs a reformation. The Bible is full of sexist and discriminatory quotes (if you don't believe me, look it up), but they are almost never portrayed in real life (like how it says that a rape victim is forced to marry her rapist). Things like these are also prevalent in the Quran, but in much more violent ways (death to all homosexuals, kill the nonbelievers, etc.). Another difference is that Muslims actually follow these requests, even though the Quran is just as sacred to the Muslims as the Bible is to the Christians. And we see these actions carried out in countless ways (if you know what I mean). For the sake of your research project, go to thereligionofpeace.Com for more information.

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