• I hate you too

    Hi, My name is hela and I survived surtur and his attack against me in ragnorak. I’ve been living in ashes ever since hating everybody. Thanks came and died and I sat int he background and I am ready to strike against stupid Loki. Join me gamora and I will spare you from my hatred

  • Want to hear what happened this morning?

    1. ) Star Lord is nowhere to be found I don't know where he is
    2. ) Stupid Joker sits on me for 10 minutes and I can still smell his breath
    3. ) I beat the daylights out of Stupid Joker before I sat on Loki for 20 minutes
    4. ) Loki passes out
    5. ) I start hunting down Star Lord so I can beat him up before I resume battle with the Joker
    6. ) I find out that Star Lord is siding with the Anti Joker Spammers
    7. ) I'm ready to pass out next to Loki, Goodbye everyone, I hate you.

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