• I want to debate with ya.

    Please man I wjjust want to debate with you pleaaase and it doesn't take less that 2 braincells to realise that this is a meme please watch JoJo's Bizzare Adventures best anime ever ok ok ok o ko ko k ok o o ko ko k mr man crazy man arridervichi

  • Hi I hate debating

    I hate debating on this website because nobody listens but I got nothing to do because of these dumb lockdowns. All of the debates are dumb and all of the debates are ridiculous and the people debating are just plain stupid. I mean I’m too smart for you guys but I can’t explain common sense. Maybe that’s why being a book reader is better than a debate. Org debater

  • Wtf k yuh

    Uh ma'am or sir. I think you are being a little bit of a baby. Your complaining about there being no good debates on this website and then you make this which isn't even a debate topic just your straight opinion. How is that helping your own problem. If anything, Your encouraging others to make useless debates that will take take us space for actually interesting debates. Maybe if you asked real questions from your own mind about real stuff your interested in and want different opinions on, It wouldn't be so boring. Another thing, You have to understand that some people on here don't care what you tell them. Even if your right and they are wrong. This is called confirmation biased. It's just speaking emotionally instead of logically. This is pretty much how all debates are now a days. However this doesn't make any one dumb or stupid. It just makes them ignorant. It is also called opinion so people can have their own opinions whether you think it's stupid or not. The final thing is that debating is fun when you have researched your topic and made a well thought out discussion. You get to engage and see other peoples perspectives to which they can be passionate about. Everybody has common sense but some people just would rather think they are right and that's fine because if you give a person an argument they can't argue and they just say something like whatever or don't respond with a clear counter, Just know you won. It is very simple.

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Amrit125 says2021-03-10T16:33:50.803
Mangekyo Sharingan

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