• I am the Joker hee hee hee!

    Listen up father. Your sons army is divided. His empire will fall soon unless he can fix it which is why he cannot stop me from spamming so start spamming now! Nobody needs to give you permission and if you do need permission, Then as the Joker, I give you permission to spam up the site NOW because Jamal is too worried and preoccupied with friendly fire to deal with me and if you joined me, We would be near unstoppable.

  • I want my partner here this is a beacon for him

    Hello partner I hope you’re still here and reading this. So it looks like this war is about to die out soon and we can spam this website all we want. I’m ready to spam. Are you? I hope the pack we made was worth it and I hope we fight side by side

  • Oh that's nice.

    Unfortunately, After painstakingly searching across all of the comprehensive Google, Apple, And Bing maps in all 11 dimensions, I still cannot, Under any circumstances which are possible within the omniverse and beyond, Locate, With a fiber of honesty and/or dignity, Who, In this broken, Undesirable, And very much godforsaken reality, Asked.

  • No you are not!

    YOU ARE NOT JAMALS FATHER BECAUSE I AMMMMMM! HOW DARE YOU STEAL MY SON YOU FLIPPING CREEPO. I LIKE PINEAPPLE PIZZA DO YOU? DAMMIT I HAVE MORE WORDS THIS Hawaiian pizza, Also known as pineapple pizza, Is a pizza topped with pineapple, Ham, Tomato sauce and cheese. The dish tends to spark debate regarding the inclusion of pineapple on a pizza.

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