• Hey David Nicholas

    Listen up you cold hearted Nazi fool. How dare you pick on people for their beliefs. You are the one that should die of COVID, Not my poor son and he applied for a job at McDonalds and he was accepted so you will hear from me more than you’ll hear from him. So help me out fat spammer and kick this Nazi’s butthole into the landfill. Please rejoin us cmacynsk2, You may be a dog loving idiot but i would appreciate it if you came back and joined me. If you answer this opinion, You are willing to help me fight to the death until David a Nicholas concedes and leaves debate. Org and my son already enlisted voluntary and anyone else who wants to join can say YES.

  • Hi I’m body shamer

    I’m back now and no your son didn’t apply for a job at McDonald’s as a matter of fact you’re both smelly and fat and live off welfare because you guys are too fat and lazy to get a damn job. Even if you guys did apply for a job at McDonald’s you would just get fired immediately for being crybabies

  • Hey you look sexy Jamal’s mom

    But every picture of you is different and like the fat body shamer I kinda think that you guys really are just losers living off welfare paid for by tax payers. You won’t get a job because you get too much welfare and don’t wanna work. You’re lazy and destroyed debate. Org

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