• I came back from the dead

    Hi I just wanted to come here and say that the whole incest stories are true. I came back from the dead and I had tons of incest with starlord and we did make 20 incest babies. I also liked that when he was taking gamora hand he was thinking of me. The story is true

  • I am Bully Maguire

    You should have resisted loser woman. Look where you are now. Betcha Loki was impersonating your son. He is a trickster. Take a look, If you knew what is right, You would have never let Starlord make love with you and you would have sent him away. Instead you had to play along and now your locked in a hospital bed. You know what poopy head, You should be bullied without end until you come to your senses and chase off your poor poopy son. Goodbye bald headed stinky lady andI'll reconsider Loki. He probably was an impostor pretending to be your son just so he could lay on you and produce 20 kids. Only then, That would mean Loki is a father and would you even believe me or maybe I'm just bullying you with lies so you become more stressed that you got raped by an Asgardian. Ha Ha, Loser! Get owned!

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